- all types of Gearedmotor, helical, worm, bevel

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Special Mechanical Features

Standard Electrical Features:-Tefc Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Suitable For Operation On A/C Supply 415 Volts, 3 Phase, Frequency 50 C/Sec (Hz) With Ip-55 Enclosure With Class Of Insulation Will Be 'F'. Amb Temp. 45 'C' Centigrade

  • Geared Motor Fitted With Integrial "Hold Back" (Back Stop)
  • Special Output Shaft Material
  • Special Out Put Shaft Length Or Dia Or Spline Output Shaft
  • Output Shaft Hollow (Shaft Mounted Geared Motor In The Case Of Heli-Worm,Heli-Bevel And Helical Parellal Shaft Geared Motor.
  • Special Bearing, Oil Seal
  • Special Painting
  • Other Special Mechanical Features As Per Your Requirement.
  • Variable Speed Geared Motor

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